June LRAB Exam Analysis 2022

June LRAB Exam Analysis 2022: JAIIB LRAB Exam 2022 was successfully conducted on 19 June 2022. The JAIIB LRAB exam for all changes includes a thorough analysis of 2022. In this article, we have also provided topics on which the June JAIIB LRAB Exam 2022 will be asked questions.

June JAIIB LRAB Exam Analysis 2022

June JAIIB LRAB Exam Analysis was conducted on June 19 at 11 am, 2 pm and 4 pm. Candidates who appeared for the exam gave good answer and many of them were able to clear their LRAB sheet. The overall difficulty level of the JAIIB LRAB exam is moderately difficult.


June JAIIB LRAB Shift 1 Exam Analysis 2022

The first shift of the JAIIB LRAB was over and the overall difficulty of the paper was moderate.

Below are the questions asked in the 1st shift of JAIIB LRAB Exam:

Mortgages and types of mortgages
Negotiable tool
Contract law
Minimum and maximum members in a private company
Law of Limitation
Letter of credit
Joint venture
LC again and again
FEMA Current Account
ARC (Property Reconstruction Company)
Integrated Ombudsman Program
Association Registration
Liability of the paying bank
Bill Finance
Distribution bill
Company definition
Surface law
Timely holder
Dissolution of the partnership
Compensation party
Chief of Corporate Personality
Bank guarantee
Collecting Bank
Bankers Book Resource Act
The difference between the base ratio and the MCLR


June JAIIB LRAB Shift 2 Exam Analysis 2022

JAIIB LRAB June Exam 2022 for 2nd Shift is over. According to the analysis made by the selectors, it can be said that the overall condition of the sheet was medium hard.

Questions were asked from the topics given in JAIIB LRAB Shift 2 Exam 2022.

Companies Law
Indian Contract Law
Mortgage-6 Questions
DRT-3 Qs
Section 6 of the NI Act
Registration Act
Property law
Limitation period under the Limitation Act
Limit period on term loan
Banker customer relationship
Capital account and current account
Integrated Ombudsman Program
Loss protection
Bank guarantee
RBI Act, 1934
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
Consumer Protection Act
Small shareholder in a joint venture
Minor eligibility for contract
Section 80G of the Income Tax Act
Chairman of the State Commission and the District Commission
Sight mortgage
National Commission
Information Technology Act-4K
Release on bail
Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy- 4-5 Qs
Compulsory female director in a company


June JAIIB LRAB Shift 3 Exam Analysis 2022

The 3rd shift of June JAIIB LRAB was successfully conducted on 19 June 2022. The difficulty level of the exam was medium difficult.

Listed below are the questions asked according to the 3rd shift analysis of June JAIIB LRAB:

Bank Ombudsman Scheme
RBI Act, 1934
Right to Information
Loss protection
Bail / Pledge
Income tax
Charity and charity
NI Act-4 Questions
Security fees
DRAT. President
One person company
roc Form No.
Lok Adalat Amount Limit
English mortgage
Control line
Maximum person in private company
Bill type
SOGA-3 Questions
Sight mortgage
Law of Limitation
Consumer Protection Act
Documentary LC
Guaranteed by the parties


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